Astronomy on Tap - lördag 17 April

The secrets of star formation and its fireworks.
The secrets of star formation are well hidden behind thick clouds of gas and dust. However, during their formation young protostar blast their surrounding with powerful outflows offering us one of the most beautiful views of the Universe. In this talk, we will unveil some of these secrets!
Rubén Fedriani

Right on time: the wonderful world of pulsars
Pulsars are the cores of dead stars. They produce beacons of radio waves that sweep across the sky like a cosmic lighthouse, as the pulsar spins around.  These flashes of radio waves arrive at Earth at a regular rate, like the ticks of clock, and we can detect them using radio telescopes.  Using these natural signals, we can test Einstein’s theory of gravity (“general relativity”) and we can understand what happens to matter when you squeeze it together to a density that is ten times higher than the nucleus of an atom.  I will explain what pulsars are, and how they have shaped our understanding of the Universe.
Jason Hessels

Astronomy on Tap are an outreach group run by astronomers from Chalmers University of Technology, bringing talks on astronomy and space to the general public.

This Activity is in English

Holly Andrews, Chalmers University of Technology; Rubén Fedriani, Dr, Chalmers University of Technology; Jason Hessels, Dr, ASTRON/Univ. of Amsterdam.
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  • 18:20